Find Your State Wildlife Enforcement Agency

State Wildlife Law Enforcement investigators work with the US Fish and Wildlife Office of law Enforcement to enforce Federal and State wildlife laws. Special agents investigate crimes that range from international wildlife smuggling to unlawful migratory game bird hunting. Like all criminal investigators, they collect evidence, interview witnesses, interrogate subjects, conduct surveillance, plan raids, make arrests, and help prepare cases for court.

Federal Agents often work with partners which may include include work with U.S. Customs and Border Protection or Homeland Security Investigations on wildlife smuggling cases and cooperative investigations with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency involving oil spills, industrial contaminants or pesticides. Special agents also team with State counterparts to enforce regulations that govern waterfowl and dove hunting and assist the States in detecting and deterring the interstate exploitation of State-protected species, including big game animals and fishery resources.

You can report a crime to the US Agency US FWS by calling 844-FWS-tips (844-397-8477) or your State agency. You will find numbers and access to the protected species in your state by searching for your State in the list below.

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list of state
wildlife enforcement agencies


Report a crime
to the US Agency US FWS
by calling 844-FWS-tips (844-397-8477)
or your State agency

Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Contacts: 800-272-4263

Endangered Species:

Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  Division of Alaska Wildlife Troopers

contact:  800-478-3377  Possible reward.

Endangered Species:

Arizona Game & Fish

Contact: 800-352-0700. Rewards up to $500

Endangered Species:

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Chief of Enforcement :501-223-6381 Poaching:800-482-9262

Endangered Species:

California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Contact:888-334-2258. Rewards up to $1000

Endangered Species: lists under Species Management

Colorado Parks and Wildlife  Rewards up to $500.

Contact: 877-265-6648

Endangered Species:

Connecticut State Environmental Conservation Police. or

Contact:  800-842-4357

Endangered Species:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Contact: 888-404-3922. Rewards up to $1000

Endangered Species:

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division. or

Contact: 800-241-4113

Endangered Species:

Hawaii Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement

Contact: 808-587-0066

Endangered Species:

Idaho Department of Fish and Game Enforcement.

Contact :800-632-5999 . Rewards up to $600.

Endangered Species:

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement. .

Contact:  217-782-6302

Endangered Species:

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Law Enforcement. or

Contact: 800-847-4367

Endangered Species:

Iowa Department of Natural Resources Conservation Law Enforcement or

Contact: 800-532-2020. Rewards up to $1000

Endangered Species:

Kansas Wildlife, Parks & Tourism Law Enforcement.

Contact: 877-426-3843

Endangered Species:

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

Contact: 800-252-5378

Endangered Species:

Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Contact: 443-433-4112. Rewards.

Endangered Species:

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Enforcement Division.  

Contact: 800-652-9093. Rewards up to $1000

Endangered Species:

Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks Law Enforcement.

Contact: 800-237-6278

Endangered Species:

Missouri Department of Conservation.

Contact: 800-392-1111. Rewards up to $1000

Endangered Species:

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

Contact: 800-847-6668. Rewards up to $1000

Endangered Species:

Nebraska Game Parks.

Contact:  800-742-7627. Rewards.

Endangered Species:

Nevada Department of Wildlife.  

Contact:  800-992-3030. Rewards up to $1000


Endangered Species:

New Hampshire Fish and Game

Contact: 800-344-4262

Endangered Species:

New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife

Contact:  855-648-8477

Endangered Species:

New Mexico Game and Fish.

Contact: 800-432-4263. Rewards up to $750

Endangered Species:

New York Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement

Contact: 844-397-8477

Endangered Species:

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Contact: 800-662-7137 for wildlife violations.  For Poaching: 855-WILDTIP. Rewards up to $1000

Endangered Species:

North Dakota  Game and Fish Department.

Contact: 800-472-2121

Endangered Species:

Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Contact: 614-265-6817  

Endangered Species:

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Law Enforcement.

Contact: 405-521-3851

Endangered Species:

Oregon  State Police Fish and Wildlife Division Contact: 800-452-7888

Reward up to $1000.

Endangered species:

Pennsylvania  Game Commission: Operation Game Thief.

Contact: 888-PGC-8001.  Potential reward: $250

Endangered Species:

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management Division of Law Enforcement

Contact: 401-222-3070

Endangered Species:

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement

Contact: 800-922-5431

Endangered Species:

South Dakota  Wildlife Law Enforcement

Contact: 888-683-7224.  Rewards up to $500.

Link to threatened and endangered:

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Contact: West Tennessee: 800-831-1173; Middle Tennessee 800-255-8972;

Cumberland Plateau 833-402-4699; East Tennessee 80083101174.  Up to $1000 reward.

Wildlife management – endangered species:

Texas  Parks & Wildlife Department

Contact: Director of Law Enforcement: 512-389-4845

Endangered species :

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Contact: 800-662-3337 Reward up to $1000.

List of wildlife species of concern:

Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department

Contact: Operation Game Thief: 800-752-5378 or 802-828-1529

Endangered and Threatened Species:

Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries

Contact: 800-237-5712 or

Threatened, endangered and species of concern:

West Virginia  Division of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Section

Contact: 304-558-2784  

Endangered Species :

Wisconsin  Department of Natural Resources

Contact: 800-847-9367

Endangered and Threatened Species

Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Contact: 877-943-3847

Endangered Species