John Fraser, PhD

Dr. Fraser, is a conservation psychologist, architect, and educator. His research focuses on how worldviews impact learning attitudes, motivations, and the ability to develop new knowledge in free-choice settings. Dr. Fraser is President and CEO for the New Knowledge Organization. He holds adjunct faculty positions at Hunter College of City University New York and the Earth Institute at Columbia University.

He holds the California Academy of Sciences appointment as Associate Editor – Operations for Curator, the Museum Journal, and serves as a founding editorial board member for Museums & Social Issues. He is also a Fellow of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

He has conducted many research projects, including a national study of American perceptions of bison conservation, a three-year national study on the perceived value of zoos and aquariums to America’s community of learners, and an evaluation of training programs for educators living in jaguar habitat Honduras and Guatemala. Dr. Fraser holds a Ph.D. from the Antioch University New England School of Environmental Studies.