Ed Wasserman, PhD

Ed Wasserman runs the Comparative Cognition Laboratory at the University of Iowa and is the Stuit Professor of Experimental Psychology in the University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Wasserman is world renowned for his work in animal intelligence, including proving that pigeons recognize individual human faces and facial expressions. He has studied learning, memory and cognition to better understand the basic principles of behavioral adaptation through pursuing parallel research in humans and animals.

Wasserman received his undergraduate degree from UCLA where he graduated from the psychology Department Honors Program. He received his Ph.D. from Indiana University and later pursued postdoctoral work at the University of Sussex in England.

Wasserman has published more than 250 papers and books, including the Oxford Handbook of Comparative Cognition with Thomas R Zentall and How Animals See the World: Comparative Behavior, Biology, and Evolution of Vision with Olga F. Lazareva & Toru Shimizu. Wasserman has presented almost 300 papers, spoken on Iowa Public Radio, and at TEDx Iowa dissecting the theory that intelligent design is responsible for evolutionary process and human invention.

Animal Intelligence
May, 2014