Dorothy Fragaszy, PhD

Dorothy Fragaszy, Ph.D., is professor of psychology at the University of Georgia, Director, Primate Cognition and Behavior Laboratory, and Chairperson of the Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program. Her objective is to understand the genesis of adaptive behavior within the framework of evolution.

Research at Dr. Fragaszy’s laboratory focuses on a wide spectrum of psychological questions that can be pursued through the study of nonhuman primates. Current projects concern perception, decision making, tool use, planning, spatial reasoning, and social cognition.

The research itself creatively combines field experiments and observational work from multiple disciplines, provides insights into the physical, cognitive, ecological, social, and developmental dimensions of tool use among primates. It provides a new reference point for models of human evolution as well.

Recent research includes the use of laser pointer training with Capuchin monkeys which allows researchers to investigate the interaction of distance with spatial reasoning, memory, choice, and other variables in a controlled, laboratory setting.

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March 2012