To promote an understanding of the vital role that animals play in our well-being
and in the viability of the natural world.

We challenge people to rethink our relationship with animals

We engage the public with conservationists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and others to understand how our treatment of animals impacts our own health, security, finances, individual well-being, the environment and our children’s future.

We inspire people to become invested in the humane treatment and conservation of animals by building awareness of their complex cognition and behavior.

We build cross-sectoral awareness, and create a foundation for action

We bring people and ideas together, create experiences that encourage synergies, and accelerate new pathways to tangible solutions.

We facilitate multi-disciplinary collaboration and partnerships

We provide public, multi-discipline forums, lectures, webinars, and content which  amplify the voices of thought-leaders and partners, and builds a sense of community.