Exploring Animal Lives Lecture Series

What do Dancing Bears, Performing Elephants, and Sacred Cows Have in Common?

Wildlife SOS! Founded in 1995 Wildlife SOS is one of the largest rescue and conservation charities in India. It works to protect animals and their habitats, resolve human-animal conflicts, study biodiversity, as well as to create alternative and sustainable livelihoods for communities that depend on wildlife for sustenance. Wildlife SOS conducts and assists research in veterinary areas, behavioral studies, reproductive physiology and other fields – in collaboration with national and international universities and organizations. Sacred cows, dancing bears, performing elephants and street-wise dogs are just some of the animals they help in New Delhi and in rural communities all over India. Wildlife SOS’s Co-Founders, Geeta Seshamani and Kartick Satyanarayan tell us about about their amazing work saving abandoned and abused animals, mitigating animal-human conflict, and providing necessary research for veterinary care in one of the most populous countries in the world.

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Exploring Animal Minds Lecture Series

Horses: The Myths & Reality

Lecturers: Katherine Houpt, James Law Professor of Animal Behaviour, Cornell University Mara LeGrand, Director of Wildlife Horses in Winds Of Change Horses have been part of

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Big Cats / Little Cats

Cats are the most enigmatic of our domesticated companion animals. Indeed, many people don’t think they are actually domesticated at all!  What are they thinking

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Chicken Tales

Who would have guessed that an animal that we take so for granted has such a rich a history with us, is so unique and

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Sharing Emotional Worlds

If animals think, can we afford to say that they don’t feel or that they don’t have emotions? Utilizing sophisticated research methodologies, scientists have been able

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Living in Alien Worlds

Animals experience their worlds in ways we cannot understand—with senses we have lost long ago or never had. They define their worlds with exquisite senses

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Exploring Creative Minds

The traditional definition of creativity includes the ability to solve problems, the use of intuition and the evidence of insightful perception to reach a solution.

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reThinking Animals

The question of animal sentience, self-awareness and intelligence would have been heresy in the scientific community 50 years ago when animals were considered mere automatons–their

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