All Things Penguin

Penguins are one of the most iconic species in the world and one of the few birds that does not fly, making them one of the most unusual as well. Scientists are just beginning to decipher the lives and minds of these amazing animals, and for those who study them, there is much that is still anecdotal. For a number of the 18 different species it is a race against time. Climate change, human encroachment and overfishing, as well as massive oil spills are taking their toll.

On September 23, 2014 we presented Dyan deNapoli, former Senior Penguin Aquarist at the New England Aquarium; TED speaker; author of the award-winning book, The Great Penguin Rescue: 40,000 Penguins, a Devastating Oil Spill, and the Inspiring Story of the World’s Largest Animal Rescue; and expert in all things penguin to bring us up-to-date on what is actually known about penguins and their future in the wild.