Carbon Footprint Pop Quiz

​1. What industry ranks as the second largest industrial polluter on the planet?A. Factory farmingB. AutomobilesC. ApparelD. Energy production2. It takes 5000 gallons of water to manufacture which of these?A.…

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Cheers for Beer

First the facts and stats: globally thirty-percent of all food—with bread a leading offender due to its short shelf life—is wasted, amounting to 1.3 billion tons annually. Compounding matters, food…

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Thinking Livestock

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There is more to farm animals than meets the eye.Photo: Tim Green / Flickr, source.By Maria Ter-Mikaelian, Ph.D.My two-year-old son is fascinated by cows. He loves to look at all…

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Infidelity in Nature: A Lion’s Story

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By Devin ZingsheimWhen people think of mating, especially in the case of humans, they often think of one man marrying and mating with a single female. While this provides a…

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Do Rats Laugh?

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By Megan McGrathEven before human babies can speak, they will giggle when tickled. Jaak Panksepp, a neuroscientist of emotion at Washington State University, noted “if one wants to become friends with…

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Sharing Emotional Worlds

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By Megan McGrathDo animals have emotions?The answer, from three leading animal scientists: Absolutely, of course, yes, animals do indeed feel pain, pleasure, and probably sadness, and they sometimes maybe even…

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