Marc Bekoff, PhD: Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is the co-founder, with Jane Goodall, of Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals as well as author of seven other books.

Zach Booth: A founding member of Personali, a technology company. He spent eight years in the Middle East and has worked with many different cultures across Europe, Asia and Latin America. Zach is currently based in New York City.

William Clark, PhD: Past delegate to INTERPOL’s Wildlife Crimes Group, currently U.S. liaison for Kenya Wildlife Service, and coordinator for INTERPOL’s Project Wisdom.

Giuli Cordara: A film producer and marketing expert, Giuli has worked with Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, the late Doug Tompkins and photographers Gregory Colbert and Roberto Dutesco — all passionate conservationists and environmentalists.

James Deutsch, PhD: Past Director of African Programs for the Wildlife Conservation Society; currently Director Conservation Philanthropy for Vulcan Philanthropies.

J. Mark Fowler: Mark is the Co-Founder of Wild Life Productions (WLP) a multi-media production company creating content for film and television, branded, online, and social media outlets.

Martha Golar, Esq: Chair of the Animal Law Committee of the New York City Bar Association; legal focus on contract law.

Elaine Hendrix: Well-known and regarded actress and animal activist, founder of the Pet Matchmaker, Elaine’s latest hit is Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll on the Fox TV network.

Asher Jay, TAU Ambassador: Asher ( is a 2014 National Geographic Emerging Explorer, who uses creative concepts and design to advance animal conservation, sustainable development, and humanitarian causes. Her art, sculpture, design installations, films, and advocacy advertising campaigns bring attention to everything from oil spills and dolphin slaughters to shrinking lion populations and the illegal ivory trade.

David Kirshbaum: A longtime activist, David has previously been involved with environmental issues, including the organizing of Watershed Alliances in the area of Atlanta, Georgia and a museum of environmental sciences on the campus of Georgia Perimeter College. In 2001, he got involved in human rights work. David directs the Palestine Media Project and the New York office of Nonviolence International.

Jana Kohl, Psy.D.: Psychologist, animal welfare advocate and author of A Rare Breed of Love: The true story of Baby and the mission she inspired to help dogs everywhere.

Erika Mansourian: Writer and co-founder of the original David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust International Walk for elephants. Erika is also on the board of Veterinarians International, and Vets for Conservation.

Don Moore, MPA, PhD: Senior scientist at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park; has received many national and local awards for excellence in interpretation of natural history and wildlife behavior.

Alison Nichols: Member of Artists for Conservation and the Society of Animal Artists; member of the Explorers Club and artist member of the Salmagundi Club. Shown at the Botswana Mission to the United States, and the US Department of State.

Paul Winter: Seven-time Grammy® winner for a body of work that chronicles his wide-ranging experiences in the musical traditions and natural environments of the Earth as well as the symphony of wildlife.