Max Elder Interview

A TASTE OF FOOD REVOLUTIONMax Elder is an animal advocate and ethicist. As a fellow at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, Max has been pioneering the ethical consideration of…

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Jimmiel Mandima Interview

GOOD STEWARDSHIP FOR AFRICA'S WILDLIFEJimmiel Mandima is an aquatic ecologist, with extensive field experience in wildlife conservation. In his current position of Program Design and Partner Relations Director at African…

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Ben Mirin Interview

IN TUNE WITH THE BEAT OF NATUREBen Mirin is a one-of-a-kind musician, researcher and explorer who creates music from sounds he records in nature. As a wildlife DJ, he travels…

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Claudine Andre Interview

SURVIVING IN PARADISEClaudine André, is a Belgian-born conservationist, and the founder of the sanctuary Lola ya Bonobo (Paradise for Bonobos), just south of Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo,…

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Asher Jay Interview

A WHOLE PLANET OF LOVEAsher Jay is a designer, artist, writer, National Geographic emerging explorer, creative conservationist, and a force of nature incarnate. She is a leading figure in the…

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Amy Hatkoff Interview

DISARMINGLY INTELLIGENT © Liktorius 2013 Do cows feel a sense of accomplishment when they learn a new task? Are chickens capable of understanding the concept of "future”? In her book, The…

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Infidelity in Nature: A Lion’s Story

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By Devin ZingsheimWhen people think of mating, especially in the case of humans, they often think of one man marrying and mating with a single female. While this provides a…

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Do Rats Laugh?

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By Megan McGrathEven before human babies can speak, they will giggle when tickled. Jaak Panksepp, a neuroscientist of emotion at Washington State University, noted “if one wants to become friends with…

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